Mold Removal

There are over 1,000 types of mold.

But it doesn’t matter what type you have – you just don’t want it there. Yeti Restoration is certified to remove mold for you, no matter what type of mold you have.

We are experts at containment so that mold spores do not spread beyond where they have already arrived. Our tailored negative air solutions for your property ensure that your project is remediated quickly and correctly.

Wherever necessary, we work with third party environmental companies to establish the scope and protocol of the work, and to test the efficacy of the completed project in overall mold spore removal. We do not test in-house, to avoid the conflict of interests, and ensure you have the very best outcomes.

We designed our company for quick response to make sure you can close on your listing, improve your health, or get your workforce back into production as soon as possible.