Professional Mold Remediation Cincinnati

Your home should be your healthy place. We’re here to help with professional, caring mold removal to keep it that way.

When you first discover mold growth in your property, it’s natural to be nervous. Mold spores can grow wherever they have the right conditions for life; something to eat, something to drink, and somewhere to hide. You can find mold spores on glass if the conditions are right!

Without mold testing, you won’t know if you have toxic mold, or how much mold you have. But we’re not concerned with the type of mold, or if there’s black mold (most molds are black). All mold remediation and mold removal is handled in the same way – removing mold spores through HEPA filtration, using negative pressure and physical containment to protect your unaffected spaces.

You want a mold removal company with the knowledge to follow industry standards of care in their mold removal process, and who will remediate mold properly the first time.

Your DIY or professional mold inspection has brought you this far, and it may be time for mold removal specialists to come and help.

Robyn Fledderman
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After our home flooded Yeti Restoration did a fabulous job of quickly responding to our needs of dry out and mold removal. Each step was explained and the best part was they worked diligently with our insurance claims adjuster. I was constantly updated on their discussions and the workmanship was impeccable from start to finish. I appreciate their kindness and diligence in all areas of this tedious project. Further, during this process we did not have to leave the house once, nor did our pets. James Baldwin and his team at Yeti Restoration get my highest recommendation as well.

Toxic Mold Doesn't Matter - But Of Course It Does

If you can see mold, you need mold removal. It’s important to understand that all mold is a signpost – it’s pointing us to a problem. So when you call us on site for your mold inspection and free estimate, we’ll help determine the source of the moisture that the mold is drinking from. This could be high moisture in the air (a wet basement for example), or a leaking faucet, or previous water damage.

When you know what the mold spores are eating and drinking, this valuable information will help you determine the best course of action for future mold prevention after your mold problem is gone.

But you should be much more interested in the type of mold, than whether you have toxic mold or black mold. In fact, most molds have a black pigment, but the removal process stays the same.

Water emergency
Karen Pizzimenti
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Yeti is a realtors dream come true! They can do almost everything including mold remediation. So one call does it all. They are very prompt with returning calls and completing work. They are professional and MOST importantly they are HONEST. I found them through real estate work but use them personally on my own home! You will not be disappointed!

Third-Party Scopes and Mold Remediation Cincinnati

Whatever your mold remediation plan looks like, it will usually begin with PPE (protective gear) for our team (often looking like an astronaut), and then PPE for your building (sometimes using containment walls and air scrubbers; creating negative pressure to control air flow). These steps help keep the mold remediation cost down overall, because you’re limiting the spread of mold spores to unaffected environments in the property.

Your third-party mold removal scope will be a truly “disinterested” scope of work, with nothing to gain from scale. For Yeti Restoration, this means that we mitigate the risk of a conflict of interests knowing that it’s easy to test for mold and find some… and it’s just as easy to have a mold test after the work, and find none. Keeping this in the hands of a third-party serves everyone.

That said, is mold testing necessary on every property restoration? We don’t believe so. When the source of water damage or mold growth is clearly seen, understood, and typical mold remediation services can remove the mold problem without confusion or around health risks, then mold testing is often an unnecessary step (until such a time as one of those factors may change).

Mold remediation
Amanda Gray
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I can't thank everyone enough! Everyone was hard working, pleasant, professional, and informative. They did an awesome job and would recommend them to anyone!

Mold Growth On Personal Items

You have items you love, and some of those may have water damage or need some form of damage restoration. We’ll work with you, the property owner, to determine which items can be saved, and what items are not able to be salvaged, or not worth salvaging. Then we’ll begin removal of the non-salvageable products from the home.

Some products will be stained from the pigments in the mold spores, and others may be literally eaten in part. Others, despite the mold removal cost will be worthy of salvage – you have have business records, professional certification or valuable information and goods that cannot be replaced easily, or at all. A wedding dress, or teddy bear affected by moisture problems may be worth more than all the drywall and insulation we’re addressing in this property restoration.

Mold remediation & mitigation

Third-Party Scopes and Mold Remediation Cincinnati OH

Two primary times that mold remediation is urgent are when buying or selling a property, or when the mold growth is identified after mold testing in a property with higher risk occupants like children, the elderly, or in a healthcare environment.

Depending on your specific needs, we’ll scope a mold remediation plan tailored to your building and timeline. And you may well need a third-party mold remediation plan. Depending on your environment, this could be advised to remove conflict of interest from the mold removal company that’s being paid to do the work.

In these instances, it’s helpful (if not vital) to utilize third-party mold testing. And often a third-party scope of work/ mold removal protocol. This limits or removes the concerns of your mold removal becoming a conflict of interests for the restoration company.

Mold remediation & mitigation

Mold Removal After Home Inspection

Buying and selling a property can be fairly stressful for you and your family. And there’s a chance that mold can blow the deal when you find mold growth in your home inspection. That’s even worse! On your behalf, we’ll work diligently to make sure mold remediation services don’t mess things up for your big day.

We move quickly because you’re moving quickly. Here in Cincinnati oh, Dayton oh, and Northern Kentucky, our full service restoration company is equipped to remove mold on time and effectively for your home inspector and sale process. In fact, property restoration is all we do – so we’ve worked hard to create the best fast response to mold remediation (which is typically not an emergency), so that you can count on someone who won’t cut corners, to have your back when you need it.

Our response time to arrive on site for an initial free estimate to look at your mold in the Cincinnati area, is usually 24-48 hours during the week. And we work hard to complete a thorough job for you within 1-2 weeks of your free estimate being accepted by the property owner or manager.

For clarity – water damage restoration will typically begin without one hour – which is the fastest response time we can achieve – trying to serve those in an emergency that could necessitate structural repairs and a mold problem in the future.

Mold remediation & mitigation

Will My Insurance Company Cover Mold Removal?

You have a contract (policy) with your insurance company to reimburse you for expenses related to covered losses. Coverage is most typically found for structural damage after a storm, fire damage, or water damage restoration. Our services in Cincinnati and Greater Cincinnati cover all of these eventualities, and we work closely every major insurance company (and the small ones, too).

While coverage for mold is rare, it does exist. When we find mold removal in an insurance policy, it tends to be limited to a set value of $5,000 or $10,000. So you’re probably asking what does mold cost in Ohio and Kentucky – and the answer is that depends. There’s too many variables between materials affected, and replacement of carpet, or drywall, or health issues. Cleaning versus a removal process. And the fact that your mold issues didn’t begin last week, they’re regarded as being caused by poor ventilation or old and unremediated water damage, or general deferred maintenance.

You will find that mold removal will not usually be covered in any of those instances of neglect, or longevity. However, mold removal may be covered in instances when you have attempted water damage restoration, or when you have not been able to access a mold concern ahead of being able to reasonably identify a water intrusion.

One easy way to remember whether your mold problem is covered, is this: was the source sudden, recent, and accidental? All three. If not, you may not have insurance coverage available anyway, and the mold liability may also be limited, too.

Ideally, you want to address water damage immediately upon finding it, and mitigate your chances of mold growth in the first place. And Yeti Restoration can serve you with mold remediation that you need, but we can help with emergency water damage restoration, too – so you don’t get mold in the first place!

Mold Remediation Services In Cincinnati And Northern Kentucky

We’ve positioned Yeti Restoration to be able to respond quickly to the environmental needs you run into.
Karen Pizzimenti
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Yeti is a realtors dream come true! They can do almost everything including mold remediation. So one call does it all. They are very prompt with returning calls and completing work. They are professional and MOST importantly they are HONEST. I found them through real estate work but use them personally on my own home! You will not be disappointed!

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