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Mold Remediation

Because moldy cheese is stressful enough.

Your kids are not going to want to breath in mold for very long, and neither do you. Its critical to remove all traces of dangerous molds from your home to maintain a healthy environment, and stop the spread of bacteria. If you can see it, its already bad.

When you notice mold growth, call us so we can contain the spread really quickly, and be most efficient with the commercial equipment we have waiting for you.

Even “dead” mold carries the same toxins and allergens as “alive” mold. But the only fix for mold is removal. When the substrate is porous (like drywall) it needs removed, and when its non-porous (like framing) we scrape, sand, and agitate it, dry, under negative pressure, to collect all the spores in an enormous HEPA filter, and get them out of your house.

The EPA offers helpful tips and information on mold for homeowners at the following links:

We’re the no scare tactics guys – and we’re proud to function on the “what would I tell my Mom” principle…. we like Mom!

The right conditions for mold

Mold Grows

Of different molds.