Water Damage Restoration | Cincinnati

Water Damage Restoration

Waking up to a flooded basement, or finding broken pipes in your home, is super stressful. We’ve been there personally (before we started Yeti Restoration). And there’s no owners manual for this. Perhaps you’re left, like we were, making service calls to restoration companies, and doing DIY water extraction in your finished basement?

You might know that flood damage and sewage back-ups cause more property damage in Cincinnati than house fires and fire damage restoration – but when this happened to us, we struggled to find a water damage restoration company we could trust to handle this water damage efficiently, so we were at risk of mold removal to boot.

Because mold grows within days, engaging a water damage restoration company as quickly as possible is vital whether or not you need to file a claim. The water damage restoration services will likely be covered by your insurance, but the mold removal will likely not be. And getting a jump start on restoration services will give you more options for salvage of materials like drywall and carpet that you might think can’t be saved.

For now, the damaged areas of your property require immediate response and on-site drying to quickly restore whatever materials can be salvaged, and make sure that every square foot of your home is completely dry and free from the risk of mold and odor.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration
Robyn Fledderman
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After our home flooded Yeti Restoration did a fabulous job of quickly responding to our needs of dry out and mold removal. Each step was explained and the best part was they worked diligently with our insurance claims adjuster. I was constantly updated on their discussions and the workmanship was impeccable from start to finish. I appreciate their kindness and diligence in all areas of this tedious project. Further, during this process we did not have to leave the house once, nor did our pets. James Baldwin and his team at Yeti Restoration get my highest recommendation as well.

Sewage Cleanup & Damage Restoration in Cincinnati

You may know that some customers in Hyde Park and Oakley have struggled with sewage backups for years, waiting on MSD or an other company in Cincinnati to repair broken pipes underground. In the meantime, they have to make service calls for specialty cleaning services after heavy rains until the sanitary sewer system is separated.

And these sewage backups are complex because of the toxic nature of the water, plus the need for odor removal services at the same time. Carbon filters may help as part of air duct cleaning, but grossly contaminated water removal has to happen urgently. We’ll typically coordinate these specialty cleaning services with local plumbers, but please know that you may ultimately only find partial coverage for these types of water damage (except where a local sewer district like MSD is footing the bill).

Your insurance provider may have broader sewage backup coverage than they had available for biohazard cleanup or sewage-based water damage restoration than when you first signed your policy with them.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Assess and Find Water Damage Before Restoration Services Begin

Whatever damage assessment is made on arrival, your property restoration will be unique, because every home in Greater Cincinnati is unique. And the way that the water damage was begun, from leaky roofs, faulty appliances or a burst pipe, will completely change the damage restoration services you need. An overflowing toilet is handled very differently to a leaky dishwasher – but both require urgent restoration services to mitigate the risk to occupants.

You’ll help us identify the affected areas you already know of, and we’ll detail potential risks to the health of your commercial property or home, and the occupants. As soon as we understand the most efficient way to begin restoration services, we’ll begin with your blessing.

Call us today, and we’ll dispatch expert technicians to get your water damage under control.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Insurance Claims Assistance

We’ll tailor your drying process to ensure the fullest water damage restoration possible, and guide you through the claim process from start to finish.

While your homeowners insurance may fully cover most water damage events, they won’t cover them all – and only a portion of some claims, like sewage backups, are covered. When you have standing water (or any water damage), you need expert technicians who know how to document the restoration services necessary to expedite and maximize your claim for the insurance company to pay out quickly on your behalf.

After the emergency response and water extraction from the affected area, water damage restoration companies like us will typically engage your insurance company alongside you, to help you begin your insurance claim and ensure the restoration services are paid, and your contract with them is honored in full.

We speak “insurance”.

Your business or commercial property will likely have a higher deductible payment than in a homeowners insurance policy. In either setting, the goal of water damage restoration companies is to limit the cost of the overall loss. The average water damage claim is $3,500 – which is less than the average cost of mold removal and remediation services. Because of that, many of our customers choose not to file a claim after the restoration of their water damages, when they know their space is completely dry.

The goal damage restoration services is to limit additional expenses, and by starting your restoration services you uphold your half of the contract with your provider – that you’ll mitigate the risk of secondary damage (like mold growth or wood rot). This also shortens the time you have cleaning industry or repair professionals in your space (which tends to be the more expensive portion of any property claim).

We pride ourselves on picking up the phone, turning up immediately, and getting your space dry as quickly as possible.
Lisa Mack
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This was our first time experiencing a flooded basement and having to file an insurance claim. I contacted 3 companies who each came out and assessed the damage and provided estimates. Yeti's estimate was BY FAR the most thorough, professional and made for a very smooth claims process with the insurance company. From the moment I contacted Yeti Restoration, I felt they valued their customers and understood that this was an anxious situation… All of the guys have a superb work ethic. They moved our belongings with care that truly left an impact and made me smile! They restored much more than just our property and I cannot thank them enough!

Water Extraction and Restoration Services 24/7

You can’t totally plan for a water emergency. But you can work out who to call. And you don’t have to DIY this thing. Most water damage restoration company activities are covered in full by your homeowners insurance policy. And we know how to determine that ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry.

Standing water is an actual emergency, and it’s acceptable to handle it as such. But we’ll help to identify what items can be saved for the morning (that’s most things, honestly), such as upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. You’re not usually served well after a natural disaster, by having to stay up while we wake up teams of people to swarm your house at 2am.

Every water damage restoration company knows that nothing changes in the first 24 hours. Whatever can be saved, can be saved. And our expert damage restoration team will serve you better in the morning than they will 24/7 at 3am. But let’s discuss it at the time of discovery, and determine the best direction because we understand water cleaning services better than most, and it’s possible we care more than anyone.

Please call us today, or tonight, or anytime, and we’ll begin whatever remediation services will best solve your problem today!