System Maintenance

We’ll walk you through the basics of system maintenance on installation day. And it really is basic. You may want to check the system whenever you switch your furnace filter.

You want to see that the liquid in your U-Tube or “manometer” is uneven. If the liquid is level on either side of the U-Tube, the fan is not “pulling” the liquid up the straw, and neither is it pulling gas from below the ground.

Your Radon mitigation / reduction system from us requires electricity at all times, so if the liquid in the U-Tube is level, first check that the unit is getting power.

If the unit is getting power and the liquid is level, there is a failure of either the system mechanics, or there’s been shifting in the building.

You can call us for service during business hours, which is free for 12 months under warranty, and is a service charge, plus parts, after 12 months.

Radon mitigation system maintenance
Lisa Kunkel
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Yeti Restoration provides my clients with the best in complete radon services. They are always very courteous and professional… I wouldn't use any other company!


The EPA recommend Radon testing every two years in every building, and after remodels. Soil pressures change, and air flows change through a space over time. This can change the volume of gas seeping into your space.

You can read more about radon exposure and EPA guidelines on these trusted sites:

Chris Dixon
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Office staff was pleasant and helpful. The installers, Nick and Joe, were polite, efficient, professional and did a great neat install. Cleaned up better than before the project started. They took time to explain what they did and how our new Radon system works. Would highly recommend Yeti Restoration, at least for Radon mitigation... and of course highly reco Nick and Joe !!!