Saving Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors: Our Expertise and Process

Hardwood floors are beautiful… until they’re wet hardwood floors, and then they start to cup or crown.

When you have water-damaged hardwood floors, you might think they can’t be saved. And very rarely, just sometimes, you’d be right. In most cases, with clean water, and recently wet hardwoods, we can save your hardwood floors.

And we’ve done it probably 100 times.

You’re good at what you’re good at. We’re good at this. With the right tools, and the right people, you can dry your saturated hardwood floors. But the key is to be quick. Floors that were saturated last year, aren’t going to change shape again now – in fact they might be harboring mold. We need to start drying them while they’re still wet.

Hassle-free Water Damage Restoration Services

When you call us in to your active water loss, we use specialized drying mats to pull water from hardwood floors without causing further damage. Various mats are carefully placed and taped across the saturated areas of your floor, and work in combination with our dehumidifiers to draw water through the wood over several days – usually about 5-7 days. Rarely more.

Removal and replacement (then refinishing) of hardwood floors is cumbersome, expensive, and downright painful. Where at all possible, it’s our goal to save the primary products of your home after broken water heaters, floods, or dishwasher leaks ruin everything.

We’ve personally lived through this twice, so understand the stress and the inconvenience that water damage can cause. You’ll be glad to know we’re committed to helping make this as un-painful as possible, and that we’ll partner with you throughout the process with your insurance carrier, even advocating on your behalf, and recommending any supplemental repairs.

If you’re dealing with water-damaged hardwood floors or any other type of water damage, please reach out asap. You better get a Yeti. We’re ready to help.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration
Donna Schumacher
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Come home and my toilet supply line has busted for several hours. Contact my insurance company and they said they will have someone out in 4 hours or less. No one showed up. So I contacted Yeti Restoration around 11:30am. Within the hour Luc was in my home and documented everything. Shortly after he had several guys getting everything removed. Fans and dehumidifiers were all set up. Josh is a complete pro! He put my house back together better than it was before. You will not be disappointed with Yeti Restoration.