Restaurant Fire

On a Sunday night, a fire started unattended in this sushi bar.
The fire department were called when a neighbor’s smoke alarm was triggered.

We were on site quickly, and worked with city officials, the building owner, restaurant owner, and both insurance carriers, to mitigate the potential damages to other facilities in the building while this unit was left alone for investigation.

Once cleared from investigation, we set to work removing all salvagable elements (tables and chairs, cutlery, and so on) that could be professionally cleaned and used again. Then we began full remediation of the space, including removal of all drywall and insulation that was damaged by the fire, the fire department, or full of smoke.

The restoration of the property required a great deal of code upgrade, which was covered by the insurance carrier, including bringing the plumbing below grade up to code, to allow for the various elements that had been used for years to be approved by the city.