Soot, Smoke & Fire Damage Repair West Carrollton

Your path back to a well-house starts here. We’re experts at property rescue and remediation after a house fire where there has been damage. We’ve lived this pain personally, and we get it. Smoke damage can be scary – but it always goes better with a guide.

Fire Damage Restoration West Carrollton

Fire Damage Restoration

Our West Carrollton fire restoration specialists and in-house project managers understand the complexity of a fire damage situation, from your window treatments to your timber frame.

We’re local and family owned, with strategic fast response locations in suburb and the greater West Carrollton area.

We are equipped to make this as fast, and as painless as possible.

Yeti Restoration is fully certified (individually, and as a company), and insurance approved to handle any large scale fire restoration project – and we pride ourselves on serving you quickly.

From cleaning 60’ high indoor ceilings, to coordinating the salvage of electronics, or packing out your belongings after a fire, we can serve through the entire process from beginning to end. We are a turnkey solution to get you back in your property.

West Carrollton’s Fire Restoration Experts

Your Yeti Restoration experts in fire damage restoration West Carrollton know that every fire is unique. Without the right guide, structural, odor, and additional safety concerns can be easily overlooked until it’s too late.

Our knowledgeable fire restoration experts inspect the affected space fully, to determine and advise on next steps throughout the process as new conditions become evident during each phase of restoration.

After initial fire damage inspection and discussion with materially interested parties (owner, fire department, insurance carriers, tenants if necessary) we will quickly begin fire damage restoration.


Soot is a complex chemical grease that travels wherever smoke will take it. Left alone, these chemicals break down soft furnishings, clothing, plastics and paints in your property.

Our soot and smoke removal, and fire damage restoration specialists will coach you through what you can do yourself if you choose to, and what makes sense for us to handle on your behalf.

We are insurance approved, and will help you identify priority items for salvage, and recognize quickly what (if anything) cannot be salvaged so that we can move rapidly into the fire damage restoration of restorable items.

We thoroughly clean the building structure to offer our lifetime odor-free guarantee. You’ll have our knowledge of insurance and the fire damage restoration process to help make this as painless as it can be.

Fire Damage Restoration
Amanda Gray
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I can't thank everyone enough! Everyone was hard working, pleasant, professional, and informative. They did an awesome job and would recommend them to anyone!
John B.
The job was completed much quicker than I thought
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At my parents house they have a 48 year old real, rock fireplace that desperately needed to be cleaned - soot from fires, tobacco smoke, just life had never been cleaned in any way! Well Grant and Joey to the rescue - from Yeti Restoration - they were on time, pleasant and very cordial. Jim McClure quoted me/us a very fair price. The job was completed much quicker than I thought. They cleaned up and were completely finished in about 2.5 hours (okay, maybe 3). I would not hesitate to use them again and/or recommend them. Thanks guys, it was a pleasure meeting you both! Lastly, thank you again for 'bringing back' our fireplace that our entire family shared so many great memories around for almost 5 decades! Kudos....

Better Get a Yeti!

Get a Yeti to deal with your Property Rescue

It’s hard to plan for a fire emergency. So, we respond to you with our Yeti Restoration water & fire damage repair services 24 hours a day across West Carrollton.

When you need fire damage repair, we can stabilize your property and quickly work to remove additional risks to health or safety. Once we establish the restoration strategy and you’re ready, we’ll get started. We can sign paperwork together and begin working alongside your local fire inspector, and insurance carrier to get started immediately.

We’re insurance approved, government approved, and fully certified by the leading body in our industry. The quicker the restoration, the less disruption. 

We understand fire damage clean up. 

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help get your home back into the best shape!