Lifetime Odor-Free Guarantee

Not only can we make it look like this fire damage restoration never happened, we can make it smell like it never happened!

Our proprietary approach means you won’t smell smoke and odor when we’re finished. We guarantee it.

We’re approved to work with every insurance carrier, and can handle your insurance claim process through to completion – making sure that you fully understand the various elements of the odor removal process.

Fire damage restoration - Lifetime Odor free guarantee
Christopher Copley
Christopher Copley
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I have been in the remodeling business my whole life and I have never had a better experience with a remediation company than Yeti restoration. They are the first people I call every time they are needed. They will fight for you with the insurance company. If there is anything that they can do to improve the speed or effectiveness of what they do, even if it's not covered by insurance and they would minimize their own profit by a small amount, James would willingly do it to serve the people who hire him. This company truly cares about those that they serve and want to be there for you in your time of need. Yeti is the best in the remediation industry.