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Unexpected Calamities: The Ross Clothing Store Experience

Sometimes the maintenance team really can handle it.

And sometimes you have to hit the holy crap button.

We’re your partner when that happens.

On New Year’s Day, Ross Clothing Store called when the 2″ water main was vandalized in a building they were getting ready to outfit and open. They’d received advice from another restoration company to tear out all drywall up to 48” off the ground, so the situation was dire. This would have required cutting the security netting behind the first layer of drywall, leading to the removal and reinstallation of the entire wall structure to replace it with unbroken security netting.

Ross Clothing Store

Rapid Response: Mobilizing in Crisis

Within one hour of receiving the distress call, we mobilized two box trucks loaded with drying equipment and began assessing the space. Our primary goal was to salvage the 25,000 square feet of double 5/8″ drywall while keeping the security netting intact. Fortunately, the water damage was limited to the lower 24″ of the walls, and was clean water.

Innovative Solutions: The Power of Tents

We devised an elaborate system of “tents” around the perimeter of every dressing room, office, storage area, and the sales floor. These enclosures effectively trapped the heat generated by our dehumidifiers, and contained the dry air – this meant that we didn’t have to dehumidify the total air volume of the rooms, with their 18’ ceilings.

Results That Speak: Saving Time, Money, and Business

Thanks to this approach, we successfully saved all drywall, except in the room where the loss occurred, and created significant savings for Ross Clothing Store, both in terms of repair expenses, and time.

By avoiding the need for extensive reconstruction, we can minimize disruptions to your business operations, saving you from working in mess and lost revenue.

We’re your partner when you hit the holy crap button.

Here 24/7. And good to go.

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