Radon Gas Removal

If you were paying huge attention in chemistry class, you’ll remember Radon on the periodic table. After smoking, Radon gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Ohio and the US.

Any home (or workplace) can have radon inside of it. We can help you find out if your radon levels are elevated, and reduce them quickly via our services for radon testing & mitigation, Loveland.

All our field team are licensed for Radon Testing & Mitigation to the highest level attainable in the State of Ohio, and we can bring you the safest possible levels of radon gas achievable in your home, with the least visual impact.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Thank you for making yet another job…easier!”

Thanks to Jill for being so professional and respectful. We needed radon remediation preformed and in the middle of selling a house, she took the job of contacting all parties involved and told us that they would see to getting the job done. Price was comparable and they were able to fit us in right away. Thank you for making yet another job…easier!

– Roxy M

“Dependable company… that does quality work…”

We recently finished our basement and had it tested for radon. It was a bit high, so I called a couple local businesses for estimates on radon mitigation systems … Yeti was super professional to deal with from the start. The estimator, Ben, was very knowledgable, professional, and took the time to explain the best options for placement. He even made a second trip back before we moved forward, as we wanted to change the location of where the pump would be located … It is hard to find a dependable company that does quality work for any type of home improvement project and these guys were impressive. Thank you!

– Jason H

“Friendly… got right to work… answered all my questions…”

We called yeti for their radon mitigation service. The technicians were very friendly and got right to work. They answered all my questions and walked me through how the system works. Technicians worked cleanly and didn’t leave any mess behind. Strongly recommend their services.

– R Fiste


What is Radon and how do I know if Radon is present in my home?

While it’s been around (literally) forever, it was Stanley Watrous who changed our understanding of it in 1984 by setting off the radiation alarms on his way INTO the Limerick Powerplant in Pennsylvania, not on his way OUT.

The radon levels in his house were so high that he was filling his body with radiation while he slept.

That’s why low levels of radon exposure matter. And that’s why we get radon out of your house.

We now know that Radon gas is present all over parts of Ohio, and in various amounts – sometimes we’ll find high exposure in a new house, next to another with low exposure. Just depends what’s happening unseen, underground.

Today, the EPA recommends radon testing (Loveland) for your home every two years to monitor your exposure, which can fluctuate based on soil shift, water pressure underground, and other factors beyond your control. According to the Ohio Department of Health, half of all homes have radon levels that are too high for safe occupancy. Our experience over the past nearly 20 years, is 30%.

Since radon doesn’t smell and it’s invisible, the only way to know if your Loveland home has elevated levels of Radon gas is to test for it. We can schedule that for you quickly.

Expert Radon Testing & Mitigation Loveland

You don’t need to wait to reduce your radon exposure. We’ll guide you through from start to finish, quickly and with excellence. Yeti Radon really are the experts in radon testing in homes around Loveland.

We test and install radon mitigation systems every day around Loveland; bringing your radon exposure down to the lowest level possible. We then conduct post-installation testing after every radon mitigation system is installed, to confirm that the exposure is at (or below!) the EPA guidelines, and is the very best that can be achieved in your home.

All our radon testing & mitigation (Loveland) technicians individually carry the highest certification available in the state, and have continued teaching input almost every week, year round.

Like you, we’re local. We’re a family owned business and we love helping people, which you’ll notice in your interactions with every person here! We love the beauty and history of Loveland, and we’re committed to helping keep the aesthetic of your house while we look for ways to install your custom radon reduction system. And we’ll ask you for feedback as we start to design the options that will work in your home.

Get in touch with our award winning team today!

Radon Testing (Loveland)

We use a “continuous Radon monitor” to take hourly measurements of radon levels in the lowest livable level of your home for two days. The average of those readings determines whether your home is in need of mitigation.

It’s also possible for homeowners to do their own testing using a ‘short-term’ test kit which can generally be purchased at the local hardware store. If you decide to test for Radon yourself, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. We’ve found that running two of these short-term kits simultaneously will give you a more reliable average.

Radon testing house

How did Radon gas contaminate my home?

As warm air escapes through the top of your home it creates suction at the lowest levels, which (believe it or not) generates suction in the soil under your building.

What?! I know, right?!

The tiny holes and cracks in the foundation of your home are the entry points for Radon (and potentially other gases), and we caulk/ silicone as many visible holes or cracks as makes sense, while creating a negative pressure suction on those underslab soils.

We’re encouraged to have the success record we do, and the Google reviews as testimony to our successful process at Yeti Radon mitigation here in Loveland and the surrounding area 🙂

Where does Radon come from?

Radon gas is a by-product of Uranium breaking down in the ground. So if Uranium is waaaaay down beneath your house, you may well have Radon coming into your living space. Part of our radon mitigation (Loveland) strategy is to remove the gas with a simple suction point, a fan, and the creation of continuous negative pressure. This  pulls the Radon gas upwards through a custom designed system of pipes before most of it gets into your home.

Can Radon enter my home through well water?

It sounds crazy, but if the Radon levels in the soil around your house are high enough then yes, it is possible for Radon gas to be transported into the home through water use. At that point, doing the dishes, taking a shower or washing laundry are all tasks that can bring Radon gas into the home.

Can Radon enter my home from public water systems?

Radon doesn’t last long as it’s breaking down, and most municipal water utilities provide water that has been kept in an above ground water reservoir before it gets to you. Any Radon that is present in the reservoir will decay to safe levels after 30 days above ground, so there is generally nothing to worry about with using public water systems in your home.

What are the risks if I am exposed to higher than safe levels of Radon gas?

Radon is radioactive, and is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in America.

It is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

While none of us here are Doctors, we do know that Radon is bad for your body. Many times, we’ve met with families in and around Loveland and shared stories in our office of people sick with lung cancer, living for years in a house with tremendously high Radon levels, who have never smoked.

Naturally, people who smoke are at a higher risk of Radon-related health issues such as lung cancer. In fact, smokers are eight times as likely to develop lung cancer in a home contaminated with Radon gas than non-smokers. So we really want to help you reduce the volume of Radon in your living and work spaces and highly recommend testing (for peace of mind) and our radon mitigation (Loveland) solutions if the tests show contamination.

How do I know if my Radon Mitigation system was installed correctly and is working properly?

Here is a checklist you can work through to make sure your Radon Mitigation (Loveland) system has been installed correctly:

  • The system you have should be venting at or above the roof line, and well away from any windows and doors.
  • You will notice that the red or blue liquid in the tube on your system will be uneven. If the liquid is even, there’s insufficient “pull” or suction on the soils below to be effective in removing Radon gas from your home.
  • The fan should be constantly running. A quiet humming should be present at all times.
  • The EPA recommend re-testing your home for Radon gas exposure every two years. Subsoil conditions change, and weather conditions affect the rate that gases come up.

We can help with all of the above, and it’s our pleasure to serve you here in Loveland.

How much can I expect to pay for a professional to Install a Radon Mitigation System?

Radon mitigation and reduction systems are custom designed for your home.

A simple system will usually cost less than $1,000. And most systems fall in that range. Larger and more complex spaces with multiple basements, crawlspaces, or slabs, may need more than one suction point, or a more complex solution that will cost a bit more money.

Intelligent system design is the number one factor in successful Radon mitigation. And that’s where we can help keep costs and visual impact down, all at once.

Radon Testing & Mitigation | Loveland, Ohio