The Importance of Hiring a Professional for Water Damage Restoration

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Heavy rain, burst pipes, or a washing machine overflow. Whatever caused it, who should clean-up this water emergency? When left untreated, water damage can lead to mold growth, health hazards, and structural issues – so it’s pretty vital to get this taken care of quickly – but by who?

And we get it – it’s hard to trust someone to come into your home. We started Yeti Restoration after our own basement water emergency, a bunch of years ago – so we understand the importance of being prompt, professional, and productive.

So, should you hire a pro, or DIY this thing?

Here’s a few tips when dealing with a water damage emergency and possible insurance claim:


There’s a big difference between adding equipment (even the right equipment) and drying your space in time to prevent mold growth. Just equipment is not enough – you must add wisdom and knowledge.

Water damage restoration requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Professionals have the expertise and specific tools, such as floor mat systems, heated wall injection, and large dehumidifiers, to fully dry your property. They can assess the damage, identify the source of the problem, and execute a customized restoration plan for your situation.


A professional water damage restoration company will ensure that your property is thoroughly dry. They will not only remove the visible water but also address any hidden moisture that can lead to mold growth behind walls or under certain types of floors. They will use specialized equipment to dry out your property in a way that simply cannot be done DIY. This will save you money and keep your property healthy for your family.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration
Emergencies and water damage restoration services

Insurance claims assistance

Dealing with the insurance claims process can be stressful during a water damage incident. A professional water damage restoration company can assist you with your insurance claim and make sure you’re compensated appropriately according to the contract you agreed to with your insurance carrier. They can help you navigate the complex insurance process and provide you with documentation and evidence to support your claim so you can get this resolved with less stress.

Yeti Restoration

Don’t let water damage steal your peace of mind. Hire a professional water damage restoration company like Yeti Restoration for prompt, professional, and productive emergency water claims. We understand, and we’re ready to help you.

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