12,000 SF Sewage Disaster

When this highly custom, 12,000 SF home experienced a sewage back-up in their second basement, the homeowner’s called Yeti Restoration. We began by eliminating the source – in this case a frozen back-flow preventer.

While the source was being repaired (typically the only element not covered by insurance) we established negative air flow to avoid further contamination through the property, and staged carbon filter air scrubbers on each floor to help clean the air, and remove the odor.

Category 3 (grossly contaminated) water had seeped, unseen, below the Brazilian hardwood floors, and was the vapor barrier beneath, meaning it could run throughout this level of the home, exposed only at the staircases, and closer to the source.

Contents had to be professionally removed off site into climate controlled storage, while we arranged for the exquisite gun collection to be gathered by a licensed gunsmith for safe keeping. Each item documented, and sealed for safety.

The full remediation scope lasted for 5 days before all contents were safely recovered from the space, and air clearance was achieved to our satisfaction. Rebuild work was then able to commence after reaching scope and budget agreements with the insurance carrier, on behalf of the homeowner.